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Tooth extractions are often uncomfortable, but not as bad as people believe. Most tooth extractions are performed without any pain medication and make little noise, like a light tap.


Tooth extraction is a common treatment, so most dentists do not think it needs to be discussed with patients. We can discuss this with you at your first appointment, but there are some important things you need to know that might help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you. Our practice is based on providing the best possible dental care and experience that is personalized to each individual patient.

Surgical Extraction is more complicated than simple extraction. It means that surgical access is required for the tooth, which is often not possible due to the location or appearance of the tooth root. This may be carried out if the tooth is not easily accessible, or for teeth with long, fragile roots. Wisdom teeth commonly pose a problem because of their size and shape. Dr Akinwande will make a small incision to your gum to remove the impacted wisdom tooth and sectioning may also be done at the same time if necessary before removal as part of an overall treatment plan.

Getting a tooth extraction is typically not painful and shouldn’t hurt. Most likely you will experience a slight pinch as the area is numbed using anesthetic then after this you should not feel any pain. Dr Akinwande will always test the area and surrounding gums before starting treatment in order to check you have no sensation and are completely numb. Once the extraction begins you may feel slight pressure and pulling sensation back and forth but other than this, you shouldn’t feel any pain

The extraction process should last around an hour. During this time we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible and provide any pain relief you may need. Once the extraction is complete, our staff will hand over any leftover items such as extractions tools and gauze. Our post-extraction instructions are designed to make sure you avoid any unnecessary complications so be sure to read through these in more detail when your stay at Chesterfield Dentistry has finished.


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